Position Code: PM-RTT Location(s) of Vacancies: Ahmedabad/ Gandhinagar, Gujarat

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# Name of Organisation Details of Key Job Responsibilities, Duties, Tasks Handled and/or Accomplishments to Demonstrate Relevance of Experience in Requisite Areas Duration of Experience (in months) Location (City, State)
1 Experience in managing projects on strengthening quality outcomes in primary education with emphasis on designing the approach, defining the scope, managing deliverable, timelines, budget and people; Kindly highlight exposure, if any, to evaluation/ accreditation of schools to assess their performance, aimed at bringing quality improvement in learning levels and school environment (Please fill details of your experience in the row below):
2 Experience in developing standards for measuring project performance, monitor timelines, issue resolution the quality of deliverable and maintain it in dashboard and or experience in converting education related database from papers to E-platform, if any (Please fill details of your experience in the row below):
3 Experience in addressing challenges and bottlenecks, arising during implementation of the project and strategizing long term interventions to improve the overall quality of education (Please fill details of your experience in the row below):
4 Experience of building relationships with government officials and key stakeholders working for strengthening Education Quality (Please fill details of your experience in the row below):

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